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The Eco Brick


Liam Collins' Eco Brick is a building material made from plant based, sustainable and fully recyclable materials and has been developed especially for large, load bearing walls.

Designed for a long life time, similar to historical building materials it actually gets harder with age. Unlike cement, recycling or re-utilisation is easy. Our bricks can be demolished, powdered and reconstituted for production as a brick or hemp-mortar, avoiding landfill completely. The brick is not fired but air dried, equating to very low energy production contrasted with other conventional materials.

The brick possesses several special qualities from thermal to acoustic/bio-climatic properties, and as it consists of natural raw materials; vegetable material, and mineral bonding agents with recycled materials, it is highly recommended for architects and owners who want to build environmentally responsible homes with comfortable and healthier spaces.

Sustainable Building Brick
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